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389, this number keeps following you this last time and you are completely clueless of what it really means. In order not to disturb your brains, you should know that this angel number does not want to harm you. On the contrary, it is the bearer of good news, because it is your guardian angels who send it to you.

Angel number 389 is following you like a shadow and are you afraid? Well, you don’t worry about anything, because contrary to what you think, this number just wants your kindness. In fact, this number is part of what we call angel number. The angelic guardian uses the latter to give you his messages.

Angelic message of number 389

We find in number 389 three different figures: 3, 8 and 9. Each of these digits shows that number 389 is an angelic power, thanks to its attributes, energies, vibrations and influences. To learn more about the messages of the angels, the question of interpretation of these figures will help you.

According to angel number 389, you are an open-minded, optimistic, courageous, competent and determined person. You are not afraid of the big quality changes that allow you to realize your entire life project. With angels as allies, you don’t have to be afraid.

The message from the angels is clear: the change in specialization will operate in your life and have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. From now on you will have no financial worries, you will have less exhaustive work, etc., that is, your guardian angels will take care of your worries, fears and all your worries.

In your number, there is a figure that manifests abundance and karma. It is figure 8. The presence of this figure is good news for you because it confirms the big change mentioned above. As for karma, you should know that all the rewards you receive from heaven are the fruit of good deeds you have done in the past. Only God knows how generous you are, so He decides to pour an abundant flow into your life.

Angel number 389 informs you that soon a page in your life will turn and be replaced by something better. Get ready now, as these changes will exceed your expectations. The transition won’t be easy, but make sure your guardian angels will be there to guide you. The angels also want you to learn to trust your intuition, to trust yourself if you want to achieve your life goals.

Learn more about the angel number 389

The number 389 also leads to the number 2, because (3 + 8 + 9 = 20) and (2 + 0 = 2). Please note the meaning of this figure if you want to know more about the messages of the angels. To go further, see also the meaning of numbers 38 and 89.

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